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Over my many years of experience, I have developed a range of individual and employment coaching tools and services to meet the needs of my clients. I provide a holistic approach to coaching and work from a skills and strengths basis. I believe that many of my clients have a range of potentially transferable skills which they have developed as a direct result of their life experience. I recognise that my clients who are living with disabilities and long-term health conditions often have a range of honed skills such as resourcefulness, determination, resilience and problem-solving skills.

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Defining the coaching relationship

Throughout this section I will refer to the person who is being coached as the ‘coachee’

The coaching relationship delivers results in the context of a supportive relationship between the coachee and the coach. The coach develops a rapport with the coachee and utilises a style of communication and questioning which enables the coachee to move in a forward direction. Within the coaching relationship, the coachee experiences a positive learning journey which cultivates success whilst enabling them to achieve their goals.

Coaching is empowering and enabling and builds upon the coachee’s abilities, skills, and motivation which occurs by increasing the coachee’s confidence and enables them to identify strategies for overcoming any barriers and obstacles which have the potential to prevent them from achieving their goals.

Coaching is essentially about moving forward, it does not focus on failure, mistakes or disappointments, it’s essentially all about taking action whilst building on what the coachee can do; I work from a can do perspective.

Commitment to the coaching relationship and the coachee’s goals are an integral element of successful coaching relationship outcomes. The coaching relationship will assist the coachee to explore the things that are important to them and then identify goals and strategies towards successfully achieving their goals.

Coaching is an interactive relationship which can assist the coachee to bring about positive change and personal growth within many areas of the coachee’s personal and professional life.

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Coaching Approach

  • Goal centered and aims to assist the coachee to achieve their goals

  • Confidential relationship between the coach and individual coachee

  • Holistic approach to identifying personal and professional goals

  • Supportive, enabling the coachee to identify a personal strategy or action plan to achieve their goals

  • Sometimes challenging and can enable the coachee to operate outside of their comfort zone

  • Coaching is rewarding and fun

  • Based on the coachee’s full commitment

  • An interactive relationship which is non-critical and non-judgmental

  • Confidence building and may have a positive impact upon self esteem

The focus of coaching?

Coaching can be used to focus on a whole range of personal, career and employment challenges

  • Overcoming barriers associated with living with a disability or long-term health condition

  • Relationship issues

  • Wellbeing strategies

  • Starting up a business

  • Study or further educational opportunities

  • Skills development

  • Leisure time, travel, holidays

  • Work/life balance

  • Work and career paths, applying for a promotion, changing jobs, attending an interview and successful interview outcomes, developing an impactful CV, successful job applications

martyn Sibley

“Danny West’s coaching and support was invaluable in my journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur, impacting millions of people’s lives. He’s also a great guy and a pleasure to be around.”

Martyn Sibley


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“I am passionate about coaching and training and I am 100% committed to my clients success” – Danny West

“Danny utilises a holistic approach to his employment coaching which has enabled me to develop a fantastic CV and successfully gain employment”


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