Disability Rights UK 2015

Danny has worked on several training assignments with Disability Rights UK and the feedback he has received has always been very impressive and complimentary. Danny combines a strong personal knowledge base on disability issues with well planned, structured programmes that are delivered diligently and with good attention to detail. Danny clearly has a passion for this subject matter, and we would recommend him to other organisations.

Jason Jaspal
Business Development Manager – Disability Rights UK

Peer Support Worker 2020

Just want to reach out and thank you for all your help and training on my Trans Project Bootcamp this year and for your support with the group through coronavirus on Zoom, they really enjoyed doing The SWOT analysis and your skills with CV writing. 

And going back to 2016 when you did all this for me in my late 50’s when I thought I was totally unemployable; now in my 60’s I’ve worked At Terrence Higgins Trust  and I am currently working at 56 Dean/St Chelsea and Westminster Hospital as a Peer Support Worker and I also successfully created Trans Bootcamp for the trans-femme community. 

Rebecca Tallon de Havilland

Terrence Higgins Trust

Danny has supported the Work Positive Programme at Terrence Higgins Trust for the last 4 years delivering a combination of group training sessions and one-to-one coaching tailored towards supporting people living with HIV back towards the workplace. Danny brings such enthusiasm, great professionalism, and knowledge. His group sessions are great and well-received – the feedback from the group has always been excellent – they really enjoy his delivery style, his personal insight, and his motivating manner. One-to-one coaching has a fantastic impact on the participants and enables them to engage fully with the rest of the programme and move forward on their employment journey. Danny is a great trainer and coach and has had a significant impact on the achievements and development of participants on Work Positive.

Work Positive Programme Ruth BurnsWork Positive Programme Coordinator

November 2015 – 2020

Participant of 56 Dean St Trans Boot Camp Programme – 2020

I met Danny through 56T Bootcamp, he ran two workshops with us which were extremely helpful in identifying core skills, strengths and areas in need of personal development. For many Trans people, employment can be quite a problematic issue, one can often find oneself in dead-end jobs with no possibility of forward movement. Although obviously there are certainly prejudices in society toward Trans people, Trans people themselves often have quite negative ideas around confidence and legal employability: Danny’s workshops really helped to point me in a better direction and to understand the value I have as an individual within the job market.

The SWOT section of the workshop was particularly helpful. It definitely helped me to identify the skills I already have and to target new areas I could explore.

I also got Danny to help me put together a new updated CV which I have used with success on the job market.

Danny is a positive humane individual with a talent for communicating with clients. His advice is direct, useful and on point. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone who is interested in both personal and professional self-development.


Danny West

Senior Coach & Trainer

Experience a positive & empowering journey.

Local Government Association Independent Group 2015:

“We have worked with Danny on two different projects this year – one a mentoring program for disabled aspiring local politicians and another a training course for existing local politicians who aspire to leadership. Danny has delivered consistently, to an exceptional level of professionalism and knowledge, on both. His enthusiasm is contagious, and he will work tirelessly with you to devise the best possible program for your audience. We would be very happy to recommend his work”.

 Vanessa Chagas – Political Assistant -Independent Group Office

56 Dean St Trans Boot Camp Programme – 2020

I must say working with Danny proved to be extremely useful to me. He helped me a lot not only to understand my goals and potentials way better but to boost my self-esteem and overall look about myself as well. He taught me how to recognise and discover several hidden unique and/or strong qualities of mine that is rather important when it comes to thinking, writing and/or talking positively about me and my achievements.  

Danny`s passion for what he does, as well as his professionalism, came right through during our very first meeting. He is a very energetic, creative and caring person and he always has a nice way of looking at things that definitely helped me to see things from a different, much more positive perspective. He is also very empathetic thus I always felt listened, understood and supported during our sessions. His positive and confident energy uplifted me by the end of our sessions all the time.


 Disability Advocate & Campaigner 2015

I first met Danny West when I was attending a Leadership Course organised by Disability Rights UK, throughout the course Danny was allocated as my coach. Danny listened carefully to what I considered to be my strengths and weaknesses, what my goals were and how I viewed my relationships and leadership skills. He was able to quickly assess my areas of leadership competencies where I needed to work, and we soon established a rapport. He was challenging and stimulating which encouraged me to think for myself and this provided a background for meaningful discussions. The encouragement and support he gave me enabled me to respond by achieving a high level of commitment and confidence as a leader. I can recommend Danny as a coach with confidence as his skills of listening, empathy, professionalism, and commitment served to get the very best out of me whilst enabling me to achieve my goals.

Gwynneth Pedler

Danny West – Coaching Sessions

I would recommend Danny to anyone who is in the need of a confidence-boost or who is planning to change their career as he is truly fantastic.

Danny West has a wealth of experience in working with people and has extensive expertise in the field of HIV. He is an accomplished advocate as well as a motivational and inspiring speaker.

As a coach and trainer, I found him to be a skilled and active listener, encouraging and empowering, and his coaching and training sessions hugely beneficial along with both work and life’s course. Anyone who has been fortunate enough to work with Danny will know, he is a strong believer in the power of positive thinking; continued professional development and believes that overcoming challenges in life, makes life meaningful.

Danny has always been a great friend and supportive colleague and goes the extra mile for the people he cares about.

Wezi Thamm

Colleague and former client 2020

Let’s Make Things Happen

“I am passionate about coaching and training and I am 100% committed to my clients success” – Danny West

“Danny utilises a holistic approach to his employment coaching which has enabled me to develop a fantastic CV and successfully gain employment”


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Danny West employment coach

Danny West

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